Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS)

KIIS is a non-profit consortium of colleges & universities based at WKU, offering quality & affordable programs & courses – including Honors sectionseach semester in France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain, and each summer in Argentina, Austria (Bregenz), Barcelona, Berlin, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, Istanbul (Turkey), Italy, Japan, Mexico I & II (also pre-professional), Munich, Paris I & II, Prague (Czech Republic), Quebec (Canada), Salzburg (Austria), Slavic Europe (Ukraine & Poland), Spain I & II, and Tanzania.

Please note

  • All non-Honors KIIS courses can be augmented to receive Honors credit
  • For questions regarding augmentations, please contact Clay Motley (Honors College, 270-745-2081)
  • For questions regarding KIIS programs, please contact John Dizgun (Tate Page Hall 129, 270-745-2256)

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