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We have started this FAQ at our first prep session on Mon, Nov 19, based on the questions of 17 students who are going to Harlaxton in spring 2013 & the answers of 6 students who have been there. We would really like to improve it over time, so the more of you can ask and answer questions in the comment section below, the better for everybody. Thank you!

Please note: Study Abroad & Global Learning will notify you once your package comes in for you to pick before the end of the semester.

The list of Q&As below is organized in no particular order and numbered only for better overview. Needless to say, it is not “objective & definitive,” but reflects the experiences & opinions of the respondents. Please help us improve this FAQ by asking & answering questions in the comment section below.

Also, make sure to check out Katie Meek’s (’15 Photojournalism) great list of her ‘Harlaxton Do’s & Don’ts.’

1. Communication

  • TextPlus app – free wifi texting
  • Skype
  • decent connection in manor

2. Weather: 30s – 50s F

3. Travel

  • it tends to be more fun to travel in smaller groups (5 max?)
  • whenever you travel, always take your passport & student form with you
  • stay in affordable hostels (not much more than $20): http://www.hostelworld.com/ is a useful site
  • customs typically are a non-event
  • book early to get the cheapest fares
  • train: UK Youth Railcard is a good deal
  • plane: Use very cheap airlines such as Ryan Air to fly all over Europe; you can only take 1 backpack on the plane (extra luggage costs extra)

4. Meet a Family program

  • get together & go on trips with them once a week or so
  • apply before you leave for Harlaxton

5. Classes

  • do homework early, as you will not have enough time after coming back to the manor from your travels on Sunday evenings
  • you get as many skips per semester as the number of times class meets per week
  • they will tell you the format of exams before you take them
  • HON British Experience: more interactive, experiential, field trip; 3 shorter papers instead of 1 long paper

6. Money

  • The free ATM in the manor is the best way to get cash
  • There are also exchange machines on all airports

7. Student population in the manor

  • on average 150 (max. 180)
  • University of Evansville is the biggest group
  • WKU is the 2nd biggest

8. Jobs

  • RA and work-study available once you are there

9. Trips organized by Harlaxton

  • include transportation to and from the destination & lodging – you pay for food, etc.
  • you are very flexible while you are there
  • highly recommended trips: London the 1st weekend; Lake District; Italy trip at the end of the semester (1 week); Northern Wales: visit a castle, climb a mountain!

10. Food

  • Sign up for refectory to pack you free lunches 24h in advance
  • buy food at grocery stores

11. Sending some of your belongings back home by mail tends to be expensive

12. The Manor

  • a small community in a cozy environment
  • get to know the people who work at the manor, who are very nice & have a wealth of detailed local knowledge & expertise
  • dorm room sizes vary, but it doesn’t matter much since you only sleep there
  • Harlaxton takes care of towels & sheets

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  1. Sydney says:

    Will we be receiving a packing list? I have a general idea of what to bring, but I am honestly not sure how much is to much or too little, and I want to make sure I don’t forget anything important. One specific question I have is how many pairs and what kinds of shoes should we pack?

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