Harlaxton Walk-In Advising

  • Every Thu 3-4pm in Grise 247

Harlaxton Fall 2013 Orientation Session Handouts from Earl Kirk (pdf)

Information & social media


  • Up-do-date course listing (Fall 2012 – Spring 2014)
  • We recommend that you take 12 hours so that you have enough time to travel and explore London and the rest of Europe from Friday – Sunday
  • IF you to take the honors section of 6h of ID H382H The British Experience from the Celts to the Present Day, which you don’t have to, here is how those 6h come back:
  • 3 hours of ID H382H will fill gen ed category B. II
  • the other 3 hours will show up (articulate) as HIST 324 on your iCAP upon returning to WKU, and fills upper division honors
  • You can choose which courses to apply the 6h of HON credit to: 3h have to be applied to one of the two courses indicated above; the other 3h can either go to the other remaining course or to any other course you are taking while at Harlaxton

Scholarships (among others)


  • Apply now! You can submit your entire application online
  • Deadline: Ideally by the end of each semester for the semester a year later (Example: Apply by the end of Spring 2013 to go to Harlaxton in Spring 2014)
  • For more information, make an appointment with Study Abroad Advisor Abby Leake (phone: 270-745-6146) in Study Abroad & Global Learning in Grise 128 (in the Gordon Ford College of Business)

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