WKU Scholarships

World Topper Scholarship

  • The World Topper Scholarship Application is part of the Study Abroad Application STEP 2. Please check the box and follow the directions indicated on the application. If you are going to include the optional personal statement to enhance your application, please be sure to have it sent to the Study Abroad Office prior to the March 1st deadline for the Summer and Fall semesters, and before October 26th, for Winter and Spring terms.

Student Government Association

  • The Student Government Association offers scholarships up to $300 per academic term and up to $600 dollars per academic year.  Applications must include an application form and a faculty recommendation. For more information please visit SGA in DUC 130 or online.

WKU-DELO Faculty Led Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Students going abroad on a Faculty Led Study Abroad (FLSA) program are encouraged to apply for the DELO Faculty Led Study Abroad Scholarship.
    • Please note that this scholarship is only for students studying abroad on a WKU Faculty Led Study Abroad Program.
    • Deadline for Summer 2013 Programs will be announced in January.

WKU Honors College Scholarship Opportunities

  • If you are part of the WKU Honors College, please visit the Honors College website to learn about special opportunities for WKU Honors Students.

WKU Modern Languages Department Scholarships

  • The Modern Languages program at WKU offers a number of partial scholarships to enable deserving current majors and minors to study abroad for a summer or longer. These scholarships, which typically range from $100-$1000, are awarded to current students on a competitive basis.

WKU Confucius Institute Scholarships

  • The Confucius Institute offers scholarships for short-term Chinese study (semester or academic year) and a fellowship for a Chinese language international education master’s degree (Chinese as a second language).

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)

  • Available through the The Gordon Ford College of Business for WKU students who attend a FIPSE partner school for up to $2500. Contact Dr. Dan Myers for more information.

Organizations providing Study Abroad scholarships that you might want to consider:

General Scholarships

Location Specific Scholarships





Latin America


United Kingdom

Provider Specific Scholarships

Field Specific Scholarships

Scholarships Related to Honor Societies

There are numerous scholarships listed at these search-engine websites:


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