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Study Abroad Honors Credit

  • You get 3h Honors credit for studying abroad for a whole semester
  • You can get another 3h Honors credit for studying subject courses abroad in a foreign language (and not ‘just’ foreign language courses)
  • BEFORE you leave to study abroad, you need to submit the Study Abroad Course Approval Form to the Study Abroad and Global Learning Office in Grise 128
  • Your Honors hours will articulate once you submit the Study Abroad Honors Credit form AFTER your study abroad credits have been transferred to WKU through the Registrar & show up on your iCAP
  • All the courses offered through WKU Faculty-Led Study Abroad, the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) & the Center for Cooperative Study Abroad (CCSA) are WKU classes, and can be augmented to earn Honors credit as well, if they are 300/400 level courses & the faculty agrees.
  • To get credit for augmentations, you need to have made arrangements for it with us and with the professor of the class you wish to augment before you leave for your study abroad.
  • Summer & winter: Only where Honors sections are offered or if you have made arrangements for an augmentation – see above
  • For questions about augmentations, please contact Dr. Clay Motley in the Honors College



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