Priority registration



1. Seniors = 90 or more hours earned (not in progress), by last name:

  • G – N: Mon, Nov 3, 5am
  • O – Z: Tue, Nov 4, 5am
  • A – F: Wed, Nov 5, 5am

2. All other Honors students = 89.5 hours or less earned (not in progress)

  • Fri, Nov 7, 5am


Please note: All workshops start at 7pm. The first one ends around 7.30pm, and we will keep adding workshops about every 30 minutes – depending number of students and room capacity – until we have met with all students.

  • TBD

Please note

  • Only seniors (90 or above hours completed) can register for 18h
  • All other students (89 hours or less completed) can only register for 16h, and can register for 2 more hours once open registration starts
  • If you have already met with Ami or Wolfgang this semester, you do not need to meet with us again or attend a workshop
  • You still need to meet with you advisor in your major, if you have not done so already
  • Certain sections of HON 251 Citizen & Self are restricted to science students to accommodate their lab-heavy schedules
  • To lift restrictions on specific courses, please contact the Departments directly. Since they placed them, only they can lift them.


  • One of the many benefits of being an Honors student
  • It allows you to be among the first students to register for the following semester’s classes, giving you a much better chance of getting into exactly the classes you want to take at your desired time.


  • You must be in Good Standing
  • You must meet with one of your Honors advisers, Ami or Wolfgang
  • If you meet with one of us before Mon, Sep 30, you enter for a chance to win a Kindle!
  • Please make the appointment by calling 270-745-2081, and not by email as this would take longer for all of us. Thanks!
  • We will also offer several advising workshops in all Honors residence halls throughout October 2013
  • To get priority registration, you must also have met with your advisor in your major
  • So only if you have met with us AND your advisor in your major will you get priority registration

Study Abroad

  • If you study abroad during early registration, you get it automatically
  • However, we would still like you to send us the Honors courses & augmentations you plan on taking, and encourage you to email your advisor in your major as well


  • Students in the Gordon Ford College of Business and Potter College of Arts and Letters & exploratory students meet with Wolfgang
  • All other students meet with Ami Carter
  • All Gatton Academy and Flagship students regardless of major meet with Ami Carter

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