HON 251 Citizen & Self


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Please note

  • Students who started at the Honors College in Fall 2012 or later are required to take this course
  • Students who started at the Honors College before Fall 2012 have the choice between either HON 251 or a 3 hour colloquium
  • Honors in the Major do not need to take either HON 251 or a colloquium

Course description

In this course, we are going to learn about how we can live better together. This will involve studying the self, citizenship, democracy, diversity, and community, among other things. The idea is not to become do-gooders (as lovely as that sounds), but rather to learn how to solve problems with other people. We will focus, in particular, on how communities work and the challenges facing Bowling Green. Along the way, we will learn about how our many identities—as students, as citizens, as family members, as professionals—relate to the civic health of our communities.

This is an interdisciplinary course so it does not focus on a single discipline like history, anthropology, religious studies, or engineering. There is an emphasis on taking a broader and more holistic approach that integrates multiple disciplinary vantage points. The problems we face as a democratic nation in a complex, interdependent world, demand creative citizens who can think and act beyond traditional frameworks and expert solutions.

Because this course is about how people live together, with both the curses and benefits of freedom and democracy, the course is designed with a significant amount of community engagement. You will be required to interact with others, both in the classroom and the Bowling Green community. We will work hard to be interesting, democratic, lively, and creative, and we will expect others to work hard at that as well, which will make this experience better for us all.


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