Augmentation of non-Honors courses

What it is

  • An augmentation is a great way to earn HON credit for non-HON 300/400 non-online courses
  • It is something qualitatively different you do in the course along Honors lines: More experiential, hands-on, real-world, applied, etc.
  • You agree on the augmentation with your professor at the beginning of the semester
  • You have to earn an A or B for he augmentation to be successful
  • Study abroad: You can augment 300/400-level courses through faculty-led, KIIS and CCSA programs: You need to submit the augmentation contract before you leave (see below)
  • Email the professor of the class you intend to augment before you register for it to see if s/he would be willing to do an augmentation

How it works

  1. Agree with your professor on the augmentation at the beginning of the semester
  2. Fill out this augmentation contract, specifying your agreement, and submit it to your professor by the 3rd Friday of fall & spring terms, and by the 1st Friday in summer & winter terms
  3. The contract being an e-signature form, you submit it to your professor by entering his/her email at the bottom of the form and by clicking ‘send’
  4. The professor submits it to us at

How to check the status of your augmentation contract

  • Click on the augmentation contract & enter your NetID & password
  • At the bottom of the form, it will list who sent it to whom
  • Format: ‘Authenticated by’/from & ‘sent to’
  • Sequence: From you to professor to
  • If it says ‘sent to’ ‘’ at the end, it means that we received your contract
  • If you are doing more than one augmentation at the same time, click on ‘Sent Forms’ at the bottom of the contract to see the status of the forms that you have sent
  • After you have successfully completed your augmentation, the ‘HON’ tag will appear on your iCAP for the augmented class after final grades post

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