NEW Honors courses


These two new courses are interdisciplinary, seminar-style, and have no prerequisites other than Honors eligibility (3.2 GPA or above). They will cover a broad range of topics, and will be interactive and full of discussions. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Cole.

  • BIOL / GEOG / GEOL 304: HON: How to Build a Habitable Planet  T/R 2:20-3:40pm, EST 328

Our planet is unique in that it is the only known place in the universe with evidence for life, past or present. We will study star and planetary formation, the evolution of our atmosphere and continents, and the origin and diversification of life. We will explore the whole Earth system that connects physical, chemical, and biological components to create a remarkably stable environment, and see the role of humans as part of this complex system, rather than separate from it.

  • BIOL / GEOG / GEOL 306: HON: Small, Hot, and Crowded  M/W/F 9:10-10:05am, EST 350

In this course, we will address what climate change is, and how it can impact society. We will set up the modern climate system, and study how Earth’s climate differed in the past. We will look at the evidence for global warming, such as melting glaciers and ecosystem changes.  We will then discuss how predictions are made for the future, and what might be some impacts on populations and policy.


  • MUS 327, Music History II, Mary Wolinski, MWF 10.20, capacity: 30 students (Offered for the first time ever! Make sure to take it so that it will be offered again!)

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