NEW: HON RELS 330: Religion in the American South

Jesus Saves[6]

Dr. Larry Snyder

Fall 2013: Tue/Thu 11.10 – 12.30

“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner

“By and large, people in the South still conceive of humanity in theological terms. While the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted” – Flannery O’Connor

What do the Blues, BBQ, and the Bible have in common?  Well, in the South, it may be a lot.  While the region is considered the heart of the “Bible-Belt,” it has not always been that way and is becoming less so every day.  Still, a strong religious impulse is present in the culture and memory of the American South, and can be found in everything from music and literature to politics and football.  This course looks at the historic role of religion in shaping Southern society and identity.

The class will be discussion-based, and will include site visitations, film, music, and a short novel.  If you want to understand and discuss how religious values have affected everything from sports and culture to race relations, then I urge you to come join the conversation.

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