HON GEOG 475: Deep Inside Mammoth Cave (Fall 2013)

Deep Inside Mammoth Cave National Park (Chris Groves, 3 hours, MW, 1.50-2.50, TBA)


  • Honors eligibility or 3.2 overall university GPA
  • MW, 1.50-2.50 & additional field trip days
  • EST 0328
  • 3 credit hours
  • capacity: 12 students

This course will explore the world’s most extensive known cave system to understand the geological, biological and cultural circumstances that have shaped it over the last several hundred million years. Professor Groves has spent the past 30 years exploring and studying the cave and surroundings and will share his experience – and knowledge of hidden park ‘gems’ – with students to help them understand why south-central Kentucky is revered among cave scientists and explorers from around the world.

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