Colloquia, Fall 2013 (HON 300+)


Colloquia are small, interdisciplinary & interactive seminars

  • If you started the Honors College before fall 2012, you are required to take either 3h of colloquia or 3h of HON 251 Citizen & Self in order to graduate.
  • If you started the Honors College fall 2012 or later, you are required to take HON 251 Citizen & Self to graduate.
  • If you already took 3 hours of colloquia, additional colloquia hours will count as upper division elective credit.
  • Please note that some colloquia are 1.5 and others 3 credit hours – as indicated below (see more details on the curriculum here).

Trends Shaping our Future, From Local to Global, HON 380 (Nathan Phelps, 3 hours, 2 sections)

  • MW, 2-3.20, Garrett 115, CRN: 42658
  • TR, 9.35-10.50, Cherry 320, CRN: 42659

the world

This new course provides an interdisciplinary and global perspective on significant environmental, demographic, political, technological, cultural, and economic trends that will likely shape the world over the next thirty years. The implications of these trends for decision-makers in the present – at both the local and the global level – will be a point of emphasis. Throughout the course we will think about both probable and preferable futures and consider the power of human agency to help steer our path forward.

  • If you started at the Honors College before fall 2012, this course will fulfill your colloquium requirement
  • If you started fall 2012 or later, it will not substitute for HON 251 Citizen & Self (which you are required to take in order to graduate)
  • If you already have taken a 3hour colloquium or HON 251, this course will count as HON upper division elective credit

Community Development (Bernie Strenecky, 3 hours, W, 1.30-4, Bowling Green High School, CRN: 39267)


This course provides Honors students with hands on experiences in community development. The class meets at Bowling Green High School (BGHS), and is a mix of Honor students and advanced placement high school seniors. They work together to address issues identified by the students, faculty and administrators. Honors students mentor high school students in service learning and community development skills.

Controversial Issues in Human Behavior (William & Virginia Pfohl, 1.5 hours, M, 3-4.20, COHH 3119, CRN: 39266)


Does divorce harm children? Are humans naturally violent? Does ADHD exist? Do video games lead to violence? Do men and women communicate differently? This course will explore a variety of issues in human behavior from the perspectives of experts in the fields of psychology, medicine, philosophy, ethics, anthropology, biology, communications, social work, pediatrics, psychiatry, and neuroscience.

Understanding Human Rights (Sam McFarland, 3 hours, TR, 1-2.20, COHH 3123, CRN: 42655)


Despite great advances in human rights since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948, the gap between the Declaration’s ideals and world realities remains massive. Crimes against humanity, human trafficking, torture, child soldiers, religious persecution, crushing poverty and restrictions on personal freedoms are just a few of the abuses. In this seminar, we will discuss both the problems and efforts at solving them.

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