02. Who cares about humanity? (Mar 5, 2013)

A conversation with Sam McFarland on his extensive research


Andre & Magda Trocme
  • Here is a recent text by Sam as background reading: Studies of Caring for All Humanity
  • Article in Scientific American discussing the Identification With All Humanity Scale (IWAH) as developed by Sam and his colleagues at WKU
  • Sam (PhD, Vanderbilt, 1971), has been a professor of Psychology at WKU for 42 years
  • From 1990-1998 he was Director of the Honors Program
  • Who’s participating: Sam McFarland, Wolfgang Brauner, Elizabeth Gish, Clay Motley, Kelsey Mattingly, Sarah Joy Brazier, Paula Noel, Sarah Chace, Amber Thompson, Jennifer Ottersbach, Sharon Leone, Michael Rose, Micah McClendon, John Winstead, Ian ??
  • Honors Salon, Series I, Spring 2013: Why do we think, fell & act the way we do?

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Sam McFarland

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