Honors Salon

Aut delectare aut prodesse est – Either to please or to educate (Horace on the aims of poetry)
On the Gradual Formation of Thoughts while Speaking (Heinrich von Kleist, essay, 1805)
A man with one theory is lost. He must have several, four, many! He must stuff them in his pockets like newspapers, always the most recent, you can live well between them, you can dwell easily between the theories. (Bertolt Brecht, 1920)

(A Reading of Moliere, Jean Francois de Troy, ca. 1728)

Join the conversation!

Explore important ideas & critical issues, cultivate an intellectual community & advance global education!

  • ongoing conversations – as opposed to academic discussions or argumentative debates – in a flexible format open to all & next to campus
  • lightly moderated by Wolfgang Brauner, Academic Advisor at the Honors College (who created & successfully led the Philosophy Group at the Goethe Institut in Boston, discussing close to 100 books for almost a decade)
  • drinks & snacks provided
  • if interested, please email me so that I can get a sense of participation & can give you the address
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: #WKUHonorsSalon


Series of conversations

I. Spring 2013: Why Do We Think, Feel & Act the Way We Do?

II. Fall 2013: Going Global: Life, Love & Work in the 21st Century

III. Fall 2014: Stuffed and Starved: The Ethics of Eating, the Politics of Food, and the Global Struggle for Survival

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