KHR, Morehead State University, Feb 21/22, 2014

Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR)

Kentucky Honors Roundtable, Spring 2014, hosted by Morehead State University Honors Program

  • Great opportunity to present your CE/T as a work in progress (also a requirement before your defense)
  • Honors students from around Kentucky come together each semester to share their exciting projects
  • Fully funded – no cost to you!
  • For more information, please contact Dr. Leslie Baylis

Great presentations by our scholars

wku, khr, msu, february 22, 2014

From left to right: Nick Rabold, Trip Carpenter, Rachel Hoge, Becky Thieman, Anna Beth Gillon, Allison Feikes, Dr. Leslie Baylis, Ben Conniff, Caitlynn Oberhausen, Clarice Esch, Wolfgang Brauner (not in the picture: Hannah Brantley)

Call for proposal abstracts

  • Maximum 100 words
  • 15 minute presentations: 10 min. presentation & 5 min. Q&A
  • no poster presentations please
  • Deadline: Fri, Jan 31, 2014
  • Submit online proposal form
  • Please submit your proposal online yourself
  • If you would like Dr. Baylis’ feedback, please email her your proposal at your earliest convenience
  • After you submit your proposal, please also email it to Dr. Baylis

Master Class in Poetry

  • George Eklund, a gifted poet and teacher of poetry, has agreed to offer a master class in poetry writing as part of KHR, if there is sufficient interest
  • If you are interested, please email Dr. Philip Krummrich, Director of the Honors Program at Morehead State, at your earliest convenience

Our group will be staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites.
Since we have ten students total, you will be sharing a room with either one or two other persons each with their own bed. So far we have all three male students sharing a suite. We will have three ladies in another suite, and the other four in two rooms. If you have any preferences for roommate(s) please let us know right away.

The group will travel up to Morehead together, the honors college will be renting a van to facilitate this. If you would like to drive your own car, please go ahead and make these arrangements letting us know that you intend to do so. Departure time from campus is set at 11.30m from the Honors College. Please plan on arriving to the Honors College at least 20 minutes before then so that the van can be loaded with luggage and driven off campus by the stated time. If you would like to leave your overnight bag here at the office in the morning before heading off to class, please feel free to do so.

Necessary documents
In order to make the trip, each student will need to fill out the attached liability form and return it to the Honors College by Monday, February 17.

Actual student presentations will begin on Saturday and will run all day. The day’s sessions are as follows:
Session 1: 9-10
Session 2: 10.15-11.15
Session 3: 1-2
Session 4: 2.15-3.15

Your presentation could be during any one of these sessions. As soon as an official conference schedule has been published we will forward to you.

It is typical for the host to provide entertainment on the opening night of the conference (Friday). Morehead will be presenting the play Oedipus. If you are interested in attending the play please let us know by tomorrow February 6 so that this information can be passed on to the conference organizers.

Please inform us of any dietary restrictions so that we can also communicate this with the organizers.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Trudy.

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