Why Honors?

Is the Spirit in You?

What is Honors & what is it for?

  • The Honors College is committed to providing students with the unique, individualized academic experience of a highly-selective private college
  • with all the resources and benefits of Kentucky’s fastest growing university
  • Honors experience: The environment of the Honors classroom is different from other courses, encouraging active and lively discussion, independent and critical thinking, and creative activities that challenge the mind.
  • The combination of WKU’s top faculty teaching enriched course content with field trips and engaging class projects not only means added academic success, but better post-graduation options for you.

Unique opportunities

  • Study Abroad
  • Grants: Honors Development Grants & Travel Abroad Grants
  • Scholarships: Office of Scholar Development (OSD)
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Chinese Flagship

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