Housing Renewal

As an Honors student, the day you can renew into a new residence hall is determined by how many Honors hours you have (including completed & in progress):

  • Rising Freshmen: 0-9 Honors hours
  • Rising Sophomores: 10-18 Honors hours
  • Rising Juniors: 19-27 Honors hours
  • Rising Seniors: 28 or more Honors hours


  • Housing renewal typically is in mid-/late-February
  • Seniors get to move around the first day, juniors the second, etc.
  • As a general rule, Bates and McLean fill up very quickly (last year both halls were full by day three of renewal)
  • We will provide more specific information as we get closer in time
  • Questions? Ask Rebekah Russell (270-745-2081)

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