How many Honors hours do I need to take? You need to take 3-6h per semester for 9h per year, and a total of 33h to graduate from the Honors College (18h for Honor in the Major)

How can I earn Honors credit? There are 4 ways: Stand-alone honors courses/sections; Honors Enriched Embedded Courses (HEEC); augmentation; study abroad

How much extra does it cost to attend the Honors College? $0 (In fact, there are lots of scholarships available) [the extra cost of the Honors College is a very unfortunate urban legend – Please help us spread the truth. Thanks!]

How do I declare/change my major? Submit the Change of Major form in TopNet under Student Services/Student Records. Questions? Visit the Academic Advising & Retention Center (DUC Annex 330) or call 270-745-5065

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