Key information

Essential information

  • 33h to graduate
  • 9h per year for good standing
  • 251 Citizen & Self
  • 15h 300/400
  • 15h anything
  • 6h CET or 6h 300/400
  • augment 300/400 courses to get HON credit
  • 300h internship = 6h HON credit
  • study abroad HON credit


For Freshmen

  • First Year Student Basics (Success at WKU; Registering for classes; choosing a major; good standing)
  • Make sure that all your credit from high school (dual credit, AP, CLEP, etc.) actually shows up on your Transcript/iCAP (on TopNet), so that you don’t take courses that you already have credit for. If your credit does not show up, follow up with the Registrar.
  • You can always try to earn credit for courses by taking the CLEP credit-by-exam test for a fee instead of taking the actual course. Details here.

For all students

1. It is easier than you may think to graduate from the Honors College. Most importantly, to graduate:

  • You have to earn a total of 33 hours (18 hours for Honors in the Major) of Honors credit
  • You have to take one 3 hour colloquium or HON 251 Citizen & Self
  • For students having started Fall 2012 or later, you have to take HON 251 Citizen & Self (you cannot take a colloquium in place of HON 251)
  • Most of the rest of the credit you can earn within your major, by taking on average 9 HON hours each semester (through HON classes, HEECs, augmentations & study abroad)

2. How to make the most of your Honors College experience: Graduating from the Honors College will

  • provide you with a significantly enriched educational experience that will last a lifetime
  • give you a real edge to get your first job or get into the graduate school of your choice
  • in particular, the Capstone Experience/Thesis (CE/T) will make you stand out among the millions of college graduates (all the more important as long as the labor market remains tight)

3. Details

  • To get priority registration, you need to meet with both your advisor in your major & your Honors advisor
  • There are 4 ways to earn Honor credit
  • We offer more and more Honors Enriched Embedded Courses (HEECs) that let you earn Honors credit. Look for them!
  • If no Honors courses that you need are offered, you can always ask your professor to augment an upper division (300 or higher) non-Honors course and get Honors credit for it
  • We strongly recommend you take 3h one semester and 6h the other semester for a total of 9h of Honors per year
  • Both CE/T- and non-CE/T-track students need to take a total of 33h to graduate from the Honors College
  • For CE/T students, we recommend that you start your CE/T process your Junior year
  • Honors in the Major students need to take a total of 18h of Honors to graduate from the Honors College
  • Starting Fall 2012, all incoming freshmen have to take HON 251 Citizen & Self to graduate (You can take it any semester you want)

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