Ami Carter

Ami Carter

Wolfgang Brauner, global education, global competence

Wolfgang Brauner


You find us here (map), on the corner of College Heights Blvd & State St (just down from Cherry Hall), in the small brick building.


You are more than welcome to swing by any time to catch us between meetings to ask questions, get things done or just to chat. We very much appreciate any feedback by any means of communication, including this blog, to save you time and improve our services for you. If you have any questions that this blog or our website does not answer, please do not hesitate to email us:


  • If you are exploratory or major in Arts & Letters or Business, please make an appointment with Wolfgang at 217-745-2081
  • If you major in Science & Engineering, Education & Behavioral Sciences or Health & Human Services or if you are a Gatton or Chinese Flagship student (regardless of your major), please make an appointment with Ami at 217-745-2081

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