Kentucky Honors Roundtable, Honors College at WKU, Fall 2014

Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR)

On Sep 26/27, 2014, the Honors College at WKU hosted the Kentucky Honors Roundtable, where Honors students from around Kentucky presented their exciting projects. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight those projects and thank all those who made this conference possible.


  • Brooke Barber, Agriculture: Influence of Rodents on Recruitment of Ecologically and Economically Important
  • Carla O. Beu, Agriculture: A Horse’s Response to Receiving Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork Treatments
  • Cherita Black, Psychology: Investigate the Social Well-Being of Older Adults with Narrative Life Review and Poetry-Writing
  • Chloe Brown, English for Secondary Teachers: Exploring the Intersection of Folk and Conventional Medicine in Albany, Kentucky
  • Erika Brown, Art History & Philosophy: Vicious Art or Vicious Audience? Understanding the Effects of Art on the Youthful and Vicious Audience in Aristotle’s Poetics
  • Jessica Brumley, English & Chinese Flagship: The Cultural Classroom Instructional Handbook
  • Jessica Colwell & Kiersten Richards, English & Spanish: Toppers at Sea Climate Change Challenge
  • John Corum, English & Religious Studies: Facing Faustus: Marlowe’s Critique of British Society
  • Minh Dao, Communication Studies: A Case Study of Internationalization at WKU
  • Forest T. Deacon, History & Philosophy: Gender and the History of Philosophy
  • Steven Gibson & Mary Spraggs, Physics: A Multi-Wavelength Analysis of Cold Evolving Interstellar Clouds
  • Elizabeth Gribbins, French & Political Science: Gendered Legislation: Effects of Percentages of Females in Legislatures on Policy
  • Tori Hampton, Meteorology: Correlating In Situ Aerosol Size Distribution Measurements with Cloud Coverage over the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the 2014 NASA SARP Campaign
  • Alex Hezik, Sustainability Studies & Chinese Flagship: Studying Chinese Intensively with University of Oregon Students in Harbin, China
  • Eli Kleinsmith, Film & Spanish: Paperboy (short film)
  • Ka Wang Li, Biology & Chemistry: Comparison of Shiga Toxin Generating Escherichia Coli Inactivation on Grounded Veal and Beef at Various Internal Temperatures
  • John Marcsik, Computer Science: The Game of Chess and Its Role in Higher Education
  • Chelsea McCarty, English & Philosophy: Place as a Means for Understanding an Author’s Work
  • Kristina Medero, Health Sciences: Investigation of Asymmetric Impacts on Protective Head Gear Using the Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Lora Haley Miller, Corporate and Organizational Communication: Rethinking Leadership Training: Relay for Life
  • Rachael Misiuta, Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising: Refined Simplicity: Spring 2015
  • Brittany Moster, English: A Comprehensive Guide to Study at Harlaxton
  • Dharmesh Patel, Biochemistry and Chemistry: Poly-3-Hexylthiophene Nanorods as Donor for Organic-Based Photovoltaics
  • Jade Primicias, Dance and English: Fusion of Art Forms Across the World: Exploring Contemporary Dance in the United States and Great Britain
  • Tyler Prochazka, International Affairs and Chinese Flagship: The World in Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Youth Perceptions in China and America
  • Shelby Rice, Advertising: Fighting for a Free and Open Web with Google’s #freeandopen campaign
  • Barrett Rogers, Biology: A Fishy Discovery: The Remarkable Swim Bladder of the Flagtail Prochilodus
  • Shelby Rogers, News/Editorial Journalism: Lady Susan: Adapting a Modern Heroine for Modern Times
  • Paige Settles, Political Science and Communication Studies: What Goes Up Must Not Come Down: The Tweet Retraction Process of Politicians
  • Mckinze Vowels, Psychology: A Descriptive Study of Exercise Science Students’ Knowledge of, and Attitudes Toward Older Adults

We would also like to thank the following students, faculty & staff for volunteering their time to make this conference possible

  • Marie Angeles
  • Lauren Bailes
  • Leslie Baylis
  • Wolfgang Brauner
  • Connor Brown
  • Natalie Buller
  • Ami Carter
  • Ben Coniff
  • Aimee Davis
  • Morgan Duff
  • Colton Hounshell
  • Sean Jacobson
  • Clay Motley
  • Liz Oates
  • Nate Phelps
  • David Sams
  • Brenna Sherril
  • Brooke Simmons
  • Katie Woosley






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