Why Do Ukraine and Crimea Matter to Americans? A Panel Discussion with Experts from WKU

 A Panel Discussion with Experts from WKU

Thu, Apr 3, 7pm, Mass Media & Technology Hall (MMTH) 236

Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, US, geopolitics

A map showing the disputed areas near Russia in red (Laris Karklis / The Washington Post)



  1. Background & Context (including slides): Michael McClellan (10 min.)
  2. Brief introductory statements by panelists (10 min. each)
  3. Discussion among panelists and with the audience, moderated by Michael McClellan
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2 Responses to Why Do Ukraine and Crimea Matter to Americans? A Panel Discussion with Experts from WKU

  1. Michael McClellan, Diplomat-in-Residence says:

    Many thanks to everyone who attended last night! It was a full house with plenty of good questions and discussion. As last night’s panel showed, diplomacy has to take into account a number of factors including economic, geopolitical, strategic, and even cultural and communications issues. HOW we talk between countries can be just as important as WHAT we say. This is the essence of diplomacy – the “last three feet” in international relations when diplomats and political leaders actually talk to each other. Crimea. Events such as Crimea and Kosovo can have foreign policy implications for decades, so it is important to understand the events themselves and how they can impact future events. Watch for more panel discussions in the months ahead in our “Diplomacy at WKU” series.

  2. KJ Hall says:

    I wanted to say a quick thank you to you all for making the Crimea discussion last night possible! I just recently developed an interest in foreign affairs, and it was so inspiring to hear WKU professors share their knowledge. I learned so much! Thank you!

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