Paper & Poster Session Winners at the 44th Annual WKU Student Research Conference (March 2014)

reach week 2014

The Student Research Conference was again a great success. Below please find the list of the session winners and their faculty advisors. 115 Honors College students presented at the conference, representing all colleges. 19 of them won first place. Congratulations!

REACH Week and the Student Research Conference are great opportunities each spring to present your CE/T or other research/creative projects. You can also present your CE/T as a work in progress at the Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR), which is held each semester, and this fall at WKU.


Graduate Session I – Heidi Sisler (Jennifer Mize Smith)

Graduate Session II – Whitley Stone (Mark Schafer)

Graduate Session III – Aaron Whitehead (Anthony Harkins)

Graduate Session IV – Jacob Buechler (Ann Ferrell)

Gatton Session I – Lindsey Porter (Nancy Rice)

Gatton Session II – Nitin Krishna & Hannah Pennington (Richard Schugart)

Honors Session I – Sarah Fox (Tracy Inman)

Honors Session II – Jessica Hall (Matthew Nee)

Honors Session III – John Corum (Jerod Hollyfield)

Honors Session IV – Jarad Bagshaw (Erika Brady)

Honors Session V – John Winstead (Elizabeth Winkler)

Honors Session VI – Robert Rabold (Patricia Minter)

Undergraduate Session I – Jacob Delk (Jennifer Hanley)

Undergraduate Session II – Joshua Miller (Lloren Foster)

Undergraduate Session III – Clay Larkin (Laura Leach)


Graduate Session I – Keri Younger (Rezaul Mahmood)

Graduate Session II – Monic Shah (Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy)

Graduate Session III – Kegan McClanahan (Jason Polk)

Graduate Session IV – Elizabeth Malloy (Scott Grubbs)

Honors Session I – Courtney Broyles (Cangliang Shen)

Honors Session II – Justin Wellum (Sam McFarland)

Honors Session III – Jeffrey Walker (Timothy Rich)

Undergraduate Session I – William Hamilton (Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy)

Undergraduate Session II – Darin Green (Andrew Wulff)

Undergraduate Session III – Tyler Binkley (Gregory Goodrich)

Undergraduate Session IV – Jay Hollis (Lee Ann Smith)

Undergraduate Session V – Dustin Grillon (Eric Kondratieff)

Undergraduate Session VI – Emelia Pierson (Laura Leach)

Undergraduate Session VII – Cody Wooten (Anthony Harkins)


Graduate Session I – Khoa Nguyen (David Beckworth)

Graduate Session II – Denise Anderson (Petra Collyer)

Graduate Session III – Zach Lancaster & Jesse Ressor (Joel Lenoir)

Graduate Session IV – Jahi Palmer (Edward Kintzel)

Gatton Session I – Ananya Sharma & Elizaveta Khenner (Rodney King)

Gatton Session II – Justin Bunch (Rodney King)

Gatton Session III – Muhammad Mahmood (Kevin Williams)

Gatton Session IV – Shania Polson & Kathleen Bell (Thomas Richmond)

Gatton Session V – Logan Mitchell (Christopher Groves)

Honors Session I – Noelle Anderson (Ashley Fox)

Honors Session II – Caitlynn Oberhausen (Margaret Cook-Newell)

Honors Session III – Georgina Kleinhelter (Laurin Notheisen)

Honors Session IV – Casey Fortney (Jenni Redifer)

Honors Session V – Carson Price (Sanju Gupta)

Honors Session VI – Darren Tinker (Joel Lenoir)

Undergraduate Session I – Katelyn Dotson (Noah Ashley)

Undergraduate Session II – Cae Normanha (Laurin Notheisen)

Undergraduate Session III – Derrin Whitehead & Kalli Beasley (Darlene Applegate)

Undergraduate Session IV – Christopher Cook (Aaron Wichman)

Undergraduate Session V – Porshia Austin, Jalyn Savage & Whitney Reed (Wanda Chandler)


Graduate Session I – Bright Adu (Ahmed Khalafallah)

Graduate Session II – Omar Ramadan (Ahmed Khalafallah)

Graduate Session III – Michael Starling (Jennifer Cribbs)

Graduate Session IV – Dustin Ursrey (Jennifer Cribbs)

Graduate Session V – Victoria Greenwell (Diane Lickenbrock)

Graduate Session VI – Cameron Lile (Amber Schroeder)

Honors Session I – Cynthia Tope (Kevin Williams)

Honors Session II – Lindsey Burke (Elizabeth Lemerise)

Honors Session III – Maxwell Dierken (Ivan Novikov)

Honors Session IV – Kaitlyn Snyder (Andrew Mienaltowski)

Undergraduate Session I – Adam Wilck (Laura Leach)

Undergraduate Session II – Collin Southwood (Laura Leach)

Undergraduate Session III – Adam Kratt (Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe)

Undergraduate Session IV – Amanda Staples (Jill Maples)

Undergraduate Session V – Ariele Gatti (Amber Schroeder)

Undergraduate Session VI – Josh Dye (Stacy Wilson)

Undergraduate Session VII – Anthony Ford (Keith Sylvester)

Undergraduate Session VIII – Andrew Shelburne (Laura Leach)

Undergraduate Session IX – John Runyon (Joel Lenoir)

Undergraduate Session X – Wei Long Luo (Rui Zhang)

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