Fascinating presentations at the Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR) at Morehead State University (MSU) on February 21/22, 2014

wku, khr, msu, february 22, 2014

From left to right: Nick Rabold, Trip Carpenter, Rachel Hoge, Becky Thieman, Anna Beth Gillon, Allison Feikes, Dr. Leslie Baylis, Ben Conniff, Caitlynn Oberhausen, Clarice Esch, Wolfgang Brauner (not in the picture: Hannah Brantley)

We very much enjoyed the Kentucky Honors Roundtable (KHR) at Morehead State University (MSU) this past weekend, and our students did a great job presenting their CE/Ts – please see the list of their presentations below, which illustrates the breadth and depth of our scholars’ work. They will share their experience of KHR in the next few days in the comments below, so stay tuned!

KHR is one of several great opportunities each semester to share your work in progress, gain valuable experience, develop your skills, and get to know and network with people. There is no cost to the students as it is fully funded. We will host the next KHR this fall, most likely in mid-October (exact date yet to be determined).

Presentations by Honors College scholars

  • Patriotism or Financial Stability: What Drives Young Men and Women to Join the United States Armed Forces, Hannah Brantley?
  • The Destruction of Jonesville: The Fate of an African-American Community in Bowling Green, KY, George Carpenter
  • Hollywood’s Place in a Viral World, Ben Conniff
  • A Native Cyanobacteria, Nostoc, as a Bio Fertilizer, Clarice Esch
  • Transatlantic Cooperation on Cyber Security: Data Privacy and Cybercrime, Allison Feikes
  • Techniques in Short Story Writing, Anna Beth Gillon
  • Fearless Girl: A M-M-Memoir, Rachel Hoge
  • The Truth about Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus – The Myth Exposed, Caitlynn Oberhausen
  • Lawrence: The Desegregation of Bowling Green, Robert Rabold
  • Inside These Bones: A Memoir on Iraqi Refugees and My Lebanese Ancestry, Rebecca Thieman
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