The Most Common Grade at Harvard Is An A – Substantiating Concerns over Grade Inflation

I thought this was a fitting post during the last week of classes and ahead of finals week. Having been an exchange student in Anoka, Minnesota, it reminded me of Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, where “all the children are above average.”

Harvard, of course, is widely considered the best school in the world, and concern over grade inflation – especially at Harvard – is nothing new, having been discussed for some three decades now. Needless to say, it raises profound questions about the meaning of “excellence” in education, and about “elite” education more generally.


A walk in the park (Jessica Rinaldi, Reuters)

This is the image and caption of the cross-post by Quartz with the title, “They’re all special: The most commonly awarded grade at Harvard is an A.”

The original piece by the student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, was published December 3, 2013: “Substantiating Fears of Grade Inflation, Dean Says Median Grade at Harvard College Is A-, Most Common Grade is A.”

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