Environment and Human Evolution & Our Vulnerable Planet: Climate Change – Dr. Jennifer Cole, spring 2014

Honors Biology / Geography / Geology / Interdisciplinary

climate change, effects, nasa

  • no prerequisites
  • appropriate for science and non-science majors alike
  • interdisciplinary & interactive
  • Biology, Geography, and Geology majors wanting to use these classes for credit in their degree programs should contact their academic advisors
  • For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Cole

BIOL 475 (crn 01217) / GEOG 475 (crn 39754) / GEOL 475 (crn 39755): Environment & Human Evolution: TR 2.20-3,40pm, EST 349

We will explore the influence of environment on the evolutionary history of humans, taking the broad perspective that critical aspects of human adaptation result from evolutionary steps taken far back in geological time.  Understanding the impact of environment on the organism must take into account the morphological, physiological and behavioral trade-offs of each evolutionary advance.  We will review the extent of environmental controls on evolutionary processes over geologic time scales, and focus on their influence in the development and diversification of our order, Primates, and our family, Hominidae.

GEOG 475 (crn 39752) / GEOL 475 (crn 39753): Our Vulnerable Planet: TR 9.35-10.55am, EST 349

We will address what climate change is, and how it can impact our planet and society. We will set up the modern climate system, and study how Earth’s climate differed in the past. We will look at the evidence for global warming, such as melting glaciers and ecosystem changes.  We will then discuss how predictions are made for the future, and what might be some impacts on populations and policy.

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