Faculty Development for Honors Pedagogy (Developing in Honors, NCHC 2013)

New Orleans, Sheraton, Napoleon B3

Annmarie Guzy, University of South Alabama; James Clauss, University of Washington; Susan Yager, Iowa State University; Andrew Yox, Northeast Texas Community College

Key points

  • Importance of intentional and systematic professional development
  • Importance of competent and dedicated supervisors
  • Positive reinforcement is key
  • Tension between teaching, research, administrative and service responsibilities
  • Stress the value of teaching undergraduates
  • Reverse engineer learning outcomes: 1. objectives; 2. components; 3. methods
  • Cultivate and reward creativity, not ‘just’ excellence: Ask bold questions & use lucid analogs to explore the unknown

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Teaching (Chickering & Gamson 1987) – honors education is based on this and should excel at it

  1. encourages contact between students and faculty
  2. develops reciprocity and cooperation among students
  3. encourages active learning
  4. gives prompt feedback
  5. emphasizes time on task
  6. communicates high expectations
  7. respects diverse talents and ways of learning
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