WKU’s Jade Primicias Branches Out in Harlaxton and Beyond!

NDEO Student Chapter Newsletter, Fall 2013, No. 2, p. 4 (pdf)

Jade Primicias

NDEO students are branching out! Jade Primicias, last semester’s NDEO Student Chapter President and current NHSDA Honors Administrator at Western Kentucky University, is studying abroad this semester in Grantham, England at Harlaxton College. Primicias double majors in Dance and Creative Writing at WKU, where she began the NDEO and NHSDA student chapters last year. While living in England, Primicias is doing everything she can to learn about the dance and culture of Europe—not to mention “tilting” everywhere she goes!

Grantham is less than a two hour train ride from London, where Primicias has found that dance is around every corner. Though she isn’t able to take any dance classes this semester, Jade is incorporating her passion into her Honors British Studies coursework; honors students are allowed to devise their own research project for the semester, and Primicias has chosen to study The Changing Face of Contemporary Dance in Modern Britain.

Jade will be working with various companies such as the Chantry Dance Company to explore this topic, while taking as many classes and seeing as many shows as possible while she’s there. This past Friday, Jade saw the Cedar Lake Dance Contemporary Ballet Company perform at Saddler’s Wells Theatre in London. She explains, “Before I went, I felt like it was cheating to see an American company while I’m here! But when I saw the outstanding show, and the choreography from Norway and the Netherlands, I felt even more cultured than when I began.” In the coming weeks, Jade will be seeing Ballet Rambert (UK), Ballet Cymru (Wales), Straybird (UK), Stuttgart Ballet (Germany), and Matthew Bournes Swan Lake, to name a few.

Primicias will also be taking as many classes as she can while in Europe. She plans to take company class with the Chantry Dance Company, and will also be taking many different styles at Pineapple Dance Studios in London. On the weekends, Primicias is able to travel to different countries, where she will also look for shows to see and classes to take.

At the end of the semester, Jade hopes to have become a more well-rounded dancer and individual. Her travels are helping her learn about different cultures and ways of living, and she loves it! In fact, she loves London so much that hopes to live there after she graduates from WKU. There are endless opportunities for dance in London, so if you ever get the chance, give it a go!

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