‘Breakthroughs come from stress’ (Ta Nehisi Coates)

The Atlantic‘s Ta Nehisi Coates adds to the collected advice of successful writers and shares his wisdom on writing, grit, and failure [excerpt from 4-minute clip]:

Breakthroughs come from stress … from putting an inordinate amount of pressure on yourself and seeing what you can take and hoping that you grow some new muscles. It’s not really this mystical — it’s like repeated practice over and over and over again, and suddenly you become something you had no idea you could be … .

I strongly believe that writing is an act of courage.

Pair with Neil Gaiman’s advice to aspiring writers and Debbie Millman on courage and the creative life, then revisit psychologist Angela Duckworth’s work on why grit is the key to success.

Source: Explore, Sep 27, 2013
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