IdeaFestival: Stay curious

IdeaFestival: Stay Curious

Dr. Leslie Baylis, Assistant Director of the Honors College and CE/T advisor, and four students – Cody Hutchins, Emily Bouchard, Nate Blankenship, and Nefertiti Dukes – are currently attending the IdeaFestival in Louisville.

Dr. Baylis says that she has had the best time with these four inspiring students at the IdeaFestival, noting that

the meeting has been very thought provoking: new ideas, inventions, art. And of course, providing time and opportunity while talking with others here, of considering how these have shaped me and my life.

The IdeaFestival is held every Fall in Lousiville at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts:

Founded in 2000, IdeaFestival is a celebration for the intellectually curious. It’s an eclectic network of global thinkers and one-of-a-kind innovators bound together by an intense curiosity about what is impacting and shaping the future of the arts, business, technology, design,  science,  philosophy and education.

Its theme is reminiscent of the global remix of TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again, and of honors education as experiential, transdisciplinary, and transformative learning more generally.

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  1. Cody Hutchins says:

    While this is the first time I have been to the IdeaFestival, I certainly hope that it is not my last. In the past week I have encountered people from all different fields of study who all seem to be actively changing the way people think and urging them on to take action. Whether it’s learning how to think like Sherlock Holmes, hearing a new outlook on pharmacology, or observing businesses pitches to venture capital firms, all of the sessions this week have been unique in their own way. A very diverse group of people from around the world have gathered in Louisville this week, and I’m very excited to see how attendees – including myself – run with the ideas that have been presented at this festival!

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