‘How 20 seconds can change your life’

Absolutely every single educator/mentor should read this, and every one of us should try to be this. (Maria Popova in her tweet about her post on Glaser)

The story of “how 20 seconds can change your life” he relays at 12:22 is an extraordinary testament to the power a single moment of kindness has in profoundly changing another human being’s life:

Echoing Joss Whedon’s fantastic Wesleyan commencement address on embracing our inner contradictions, Glaser reminds us that the art of life is not in choosing between opposites but in reconciling them:

‘You learn more and more that everything exists at once with its opposite, so the contradictions of life are never-ending and somehow the mediation between these opposites is the game of life.’

I love New York

The great benefit of drawing is that when you look at something, you see it for the first time.

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