Six college courses that help grads land jobs

Kelli B. Grant, CNBC, August 13, 2013

Here is more evidence of what employers are looking for in college graduates in this increasingly competitive labor market. It is precisely this combination of specific ‘hard’ skills and a broad range of ‘soft’ skills that the Honors College seeks to offer. We have previously discussed this in the posts below, and more generally in the context of the growing importance of skills and global competence (see the tag cloud in the sidebar):

They all emphasize the critical importance of what in the context of the 21st century skills movement is known as the ‘4 Cs:’

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • critical thinking
  • creativity & problem-solving

The article highlights ‘six kinds of courses recruiters recommend adding’ to students’ college schedule in order to improve their chances of finding a good job:

  • STEM classes
  • Internship-driven picks
  • Business & economics
  • Theater arts
  • Professional writing
  • Leadership studies
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