Learning to Innovate: Evoking Professional Excellence in Higher Education

International Honors Conference, October 3-4, 2013, Rotterdam

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The focus of the Honors Conference 2013 is on Learning to Innovate as a means for training honors students to become excellent professionals. Learning to Innovate gives the students the capacity to develop innovations in and for professional practice.

Proposals should be based on scientific/practice based research or good practices on the following themes:

  1. Designing learning environments for the development of professional excellence (learning to innovate) and/or multidisciplinary academic competences
  2. Designing learning environments for active and experimental learning such as in the approach of City or Park as Text ™
  3. Innovative collaboration between honors education and the working fields and/or educational or managerial interventions and models for enhancing learning and innovation processes
  4. Renewal of educational theory and teaching methods in pre-higher and/ or higher honors education
  5. The measurement of performance and other learning outcomes of the excellent students and/or professionals
  6. Doctoral Consortium for PhD students (discussiants will be provided by the conference organization). We invite you to take part in this international exchange of knowledge and experience in these themes.

(Source: Conference website)

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