Get to know candidates to teach HON 251 Citizen and Self & give us feedback, starting this Thursday!


Over the next few weeks, the Honors College will bring five candidates to campus in the hopes of hiring two as new Honors faculty members.  Both new faculty will team-teach HON 251 with Professor Gish and be instrumental in developing the Honors College’s academic culture.  We need your help in selecting the best candidates to make the offer of employment to, and we need your help in showing these impressive candidates that WKU and the Honors College are vibrant and exciting places to work and live.  To that end, students play a very important role in the search process: two students serve on the search committee, the candidates will teach a section of HON 251 as part of their visit, and various students will have the opportunity to eat lunch with the candidates.

Thank you in advance for your effort in helping the Honors College have the best faculty possible.

We will announce the upcoming candidates soon, so please stay tuned!

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