“Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more”: But This Time We Mean ‘Business’


Gordon Ford College of Business Guest Lecture

Professor Ian Welsh, MBA, Nottingham Business School, Vice Principal of Harlaxton College

  • Wed, Mar 20, 1.30-2.30, Grise 439
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As Britain enters the fray once more to do battle in Europe, albeit this time within the corridors of power in Brussels rather than on a bloody battlefield in France, can it single-handedly renegotiate the terms of its European Union membership against the odds and the seemingly inexorable desire of its twenty-six neighbours to coalesce in an ever closer federal and political union? With a hostile British public and with its European partners growing increasingly frustrated with Britain’s obduracy, can Britain in the longer term even remain part of the European Union?

Focusing on the implications for business, this talk will explore Britain’s often difficult relationship with Europe and seek to predict what the future might bring for Britain itself, the European Union in general, and for US companies who have often seen Britain as their bridge to European markets.

(Source: Email from Daniel Myers, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics/College International Officer, Gordon Ford College of Business, Mar 18, 2013)

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