Who cares about humanity? – Another great conversation (to be continued)

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Yesterday evening we enjoyed another great conversation at the 2nd Honors Salon. Sam McFarland expertly introduced the topic and the conversation was lively and wide-ranging, revolving around empirical and ethical questions. Here are some key points and questions we discussed:

  • How do we best measure identification with all humanity? (see the scale developed by Sam McFarland)
  • What is the relationship between varying degrees of identification with all humanity, maturity, and actual ethical behavior?
  • Why do so many people seem to be so indifferent and how can we relate to them in ways that make them less indifferent?
  • What is the relationship between the ‘self’ and the other, between egotism and altruism, and how might this be re-framed in ethically beneficial ways?

Just like for our first conversation, we again had 19 participants, with many coming back for the second time. This is a really good turnout given March midterm madness and that is was a cold and wet early March evening.

The first series of the Honors Salon on why we think, feel & act the way we do, continues on Tue, Apr 2, at 7pm with a discussion of The Intuitive Dog and Its Rational Tail. We will explore why good people are divided by politics and religion and what we can do about it.

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