Rock My Soul


Seeing Ailey II dance perform last night in Van Meter was a most moving experience.

Here is what dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, one of Alvin Ailey’s teachers, had to say about dancing:

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

For those of you who also were there, please share your experiences in the comments section.

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3 Responses to Rock My Soul

  1. Paul Fischer says:

    A spectacular show. Ailey II is a world-class troupe and their performance last night showed why they have been so famous for these last several decades. Many thanks to the AUC Cultural Enhancement committee for bring this group of dancers to Bowling Green and for giving our community a chance to enjoy top-notch entertainment. Such beauty and style!

  2. Richard Weigel says:

    really enjoyed the Ailey dance show! Incredible movement and coordination. Loved the use of the fans!

  3. Michelle Gilstrap says:

    I have been seeing Alvin Ailey since Birth so their show never ceases to amaze me. Although I have no interest in becoming a professional dancer for the company (like when I was 10) watching the dancers last night touched mt soul. I loved following every height reached and unknown area explored by their graceful limbs . I always imagine the company climbing mountains and as soon as one dancer created a vertical line with her legs, they had reached the top of my expectations as usual.

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