Earn Honors credit at Harlaxton this summer!

Harlaxton front

It is not too late to earn Honors credit while studying in England this summer.  There are a few openings remaining in a two-week study abroad program in England where students can earn Honors Colloquia credit (HON 300) or Honors credit in English 399 or Religious Studies 399.

Taught by Dr. Clay Motley and Dr. Larry Snyder, students will actively learn about England’s rich religious history and contemporary religious culture through exploring such beautiful and significant locations as Harlaxton, London, Oxford, York, and Whitby.  The class will explore prehistoric archeological sites, Roman ruins, Saxon churches, medieval cathedrals, and contemporary mosques and temples in order to better understand how the English have defined, fought over, and sought the divine.

If you would like to learn more about this program, then please contact Dr. Motley (clay.motley@wku.edu) or Dr. Snyder (lawrence.snyder@wku.edu) to set up an appointment to meet.

You can learn more information about the program and begin the enrollment process here.

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