Who cares about humanity?

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Sam McFarland on his extensive research at the second Honors Salon!


Andre & Magda Trocme
  • Tue, Mar 5, 7-8.30pm
  • Here is a recent text by Sam as background reading: Studies of Caring for All Humanity
  • Article in Scientific American discussing the Identification With All Humanity Scale (IWAH) as developed by Sam and his colleagues at WKU
  • Sam (PhD, Vanderbilt, 1971), has been a professor of Psychology at WKU for 42 years
  • From 1990-1998 he was Director of the Honors Program
  • Click here for the first series of Honors Salon conversations
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  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter: #WKUHonorsSalon

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Sam McFarland
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