Seven Virtues of Engaged Citizenship – Lecture by Dr. Thad Williamson today at 6.30pm in Garrett 115

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The lecture is required for students in Citizen and Self (HON 251), but should be interesting to others and is open to all. Williamson was a student of Michael Sandel of Harvard and is now an associate professor of leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics and law at the University of Richmond. He is going to speak on Seven Virtues of Engaged Citizenship. He is a sought-after professor and civic activist. His research focuses on urban politics and sprawl, community economic development, and sports, justice and ethics. He writes regularly on current issues for a wide variety of popular and scholarly publications and is frequently quoted in the media. Williamson is involved in several local organizations in the Richmond area, and serves on the advisory board of the Partnership for Smarter Growth. He is a 2012 recipient of Richmond University’s Distinguished Educator Award.

If this is a particular interest for you, a few students will be invited to have lunch or dinner with Williamson. If interested, be in touch with Prof. Elizabeth Gish,

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