7 Must-Read Books on the Future of Information and the Internet

This handy shortlist makes for good power browsing for our 1st conversation at the Honors Salon this Thursday at 7pm. We also read it in our colloquium on The Web’s Impact on our Mind & Future. For the visual learners among you – and for everybody who likes infographics – check out our Pinterest board on the subject.

This useful list of books comes from Brain Pickings, which must surely be one of the best and most beautiful blogs on the web. It is meticulously written, edited and curated by the inimitable Bulgarian Brooklynite blogger Maria Popova. I cannot believe that I only discovered it now! How could I have missed it all these years???!!! I cannot recommend it highly enough. High time to remix my online reading habits! Here’s the intro to the list (emphases added):

From retrofuturist media prophecies to the cognitive consequences of mobile-everything

We’re deeply fascinated by the evolution of media and the sociocognitive adaptations that go along with it, but perhaps even more so by the intellectual debates surrounding this ever-swelling topic of increasing urgency and controversy. The past year has been particularly prolific in varied takes on our shared digital future, contextualizing our current concerns in fascinating media history and exploring the potential consequences of our modern media diets. Collected here are 7 of our favorite books investigating the subject from dramatically different yet equally important angles.

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