London calling: Harlaxton a good ‘launching pad’ to study abroad (featured in today’s BGDN!)


Western Kentucky University students studying at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England pose for a photo on January 25th before leaving on a field trip to Lincoln. The students are living and taking classes at the Harlaxton manor, owned by Evansville University. About 30 students are attending Harlaxton this semester. (Photo Submitted by Jeanie Adams-Smith)


Faculty and students attend British Studies lecture in the Long Gallery at Harlaxton College. The students and faculty attending Harlaxton College attend classes, study and live on the grounds. (Photo Submitted by Jeanie Adams-Smith)


Photo professor from WKU, Jeanie Adams-Smith, looks over pictures with WKU student Taylor Leet. The two are part of a group from Western attending Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. Adams-Smith is the faculty representative for the spring semester. WKU sends two faculty members to Harlaxton to teach every year. (Photo Submitted by Naomi Driessnack)


The Siewers family (from left) Maria, Helen, Fred and Anna at their home on Woodland Ave in Bowling Green, Ky., Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013. The Siewers spent August to December of 2012 in England while Fred taught at Harlaxton as a visiting professor from Western Kentucky University. (Photo by Nathan Morgan/Daily News)


Harlaxton Manor (Photo submitted by Fred Siewers)

Harlaxton in England has become Western Kentucky University’s home away from home.

WKU students and others can learn about Britain in Britain, immersed in the culture and history of the island nation.

Just eight miles down the road from Harlaxton is the boyhood home of Sir Isaac Newton, and yes, the famous apple tree is still standing on the property. Fred Siewers, associate professor of geology at WKU, taught at Harlaxton last semester from August to December and took his students to see Newton’s home. An apple fell from the tree, hitting Newton and providing for Newton an inspiration to theorize about the existence of gravity, Siewers said. […]

Many Honors students are studying at Harlaxton every semester. Dr. Clay Motley, Associate Director of Academics at the Honors College at WKU, together with Dr. Larry Snyder, Associate Dean of Potter College, will take a group of students to Harlaxton this summer:

“It (Harlaxton) is an important launching pad to study abroad,” Motley said. “It is a very unique experience. On an average, students who studied at Harlaxton went to seven different countries while studying in England. You are living in England and studying about England – that’s really unique because it connects to their course work.” […]

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(Source: London calling, Chuck Mason, Bowling Green Daily News, Jan 29. 2013; emphases & links added)

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