Flipping the classroom: iTunes U, iPad U & Apple’s challenge-based learning


Some key points

  • Lynn University will require all new students to buy an iPad mini, that will come loaded with core curriculum texts and summer reading
  • It is supposed to cost half of what they were paying for the printed version of their course readers, and they get to keep it
  • They compared a traditional course with Apple’s challenge-based learning, and found that the students in the latter had learned more and were happier with it
  • Other schools experimenting with the iPad include Seton Hill University, Dartmouth College, the University of Oklahoma, and Ohio State
  • As the discussion in the comments suggests, there is still controversy over the benefits of the iPad
  • Is the idea of ‘flipping the classroom,’ i.e. shifting the focus of class time from instruction to discussion, overplayed?
  • Given that we are only at the beginning of online learning, how strong and fast will be the movement ‘from bricks to clicks‘ and what are the implications for the future of higher education in general and Honors education in particular?

(Source: iPad U., Alexandra Tilsley, Inside Higher Ed, Jan 15, 2013)

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