What we’re reading #1: Audra Jennings reads about history, medicine & society, Detroit, and 2012

This is the first post in our new forum, What We’re Reading. It is very fitting that Audra contributed the first post, as the forum itself was her own brilliant idea! We hope you will soon share with us what you are reading. And please feel free to comment on what others are reading! You can find this and all future posts in What We’re Reading at the bottom of ‘Categories’ on the sidebar.

What I’m Reading: January 19, 2013, Dr. Audra Jennings, Director, Office of Scholar Development

For much of January, I have been focused on two things: history and my upcoming honors course on medicine and society. Those two subjects frame what I have been reading.



I love late-December/early-January and the spate of “best-of” articles this time of year produces. Here are a few that gave me ideas for 2013:

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