Are you ready to be ‘tugged outside of your comfort zone’? Diversity, flux & globalism


Good advice in Frank Bruni’s op-ed in this weekend’s New York Times Sunday Review, How to Choose a College. Here are some excerpts that speak to priorities that we are trying to promote here at the Honors College, revolving around diversity, flux & ‘globalism:’

treat your undergraduate education as a rare license, before you’re confined by the burdens of full-fledged adulthood and before the costs of experimentation rise, to be tugged outside your comfort zone. To be yanked, preferably. […]

And if your interests and circumstances don’t demand an immediate concentration on one field of study, go somewhere that’ll force you to stretch in multiple directions. (A core curriculum isn’t a bad thing at all.) The world is in constant flux, life is a sequence of surprises, and I can think of no better talents to pick up in college than fearlessness, nimbleness and the ability to roll with change, adapt to newness and improvise. […]

… and globalism is here and real. The dexterity with which you can navigate other cultures — your awareness of, and openness to, them — could be more valuable and happy-making than any knowledge gleaned from a book. […] (highlights added)

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