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This is Shelley Spalding’s first post on her brand new blog reflecting on her experiences at Harlaxton, where she arrived today along with dozens of other Honors students. We are excited to follow her adventures through the United Kingdom and Europe and are looking forward to her next post. I have started to collect our students’ reflections on their experiences abroad here.

Hello there, dear reader.

Welp, first and foremost, I’d like to welcome you to this blog which I have created in order to document my travels across the United Kingdom and Europe over the next four months. Thank you for reading it, and I hope that whenever you do read it, you take something away from it. Just like I will take something away from each of my adventures while here at Harlaxton.

Speaking of that blessed, blessed place. Let’s discuss it for a moment, shall we? To give you an idea, it looks a bit like this:

first harlaxton picture

This place is hugeandbeautifulandconfusing all at the same time. It’s like a huge labyrinth, which isn’t a bad thing because when you get lost you find other things and you get to see other beautiful things in the manor that you hadn’t seen before. I arrived here at about 2pm on January 4th, after a slightly stressful flight where I had about a 2 and a half hour delay, but all ended well anyway.

After we arrived, we were given our room assignments and a short briefing. Then we were treated to lunch and allowed to roam the manor. And roaming the manor took a VERY long time because this thing is huge. After, we had dinner, and then our British Studies (this is an interdisciplinary course taught by the manor) professors gave us an overview of what we’ll be doing in the coming week. My professor is Irish, and she’s really cool!

After this, a lot of people headed down to the manor’s little bistro, which was fun just to hang.

However, underneath all this, I want to outline what my true purpose here at Harlaxton is, which is Jesus. I hope that as my time goes on here that I show him more and more and I draw on his strength more each day. I’m definitely anticipating him to change my heart in this new experience, and I simply can’t wait for it.

Love always,

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