Bowling Green junior receives Study Away’s first opportunity award

WKU has named the first recipient of a new opportunity award designed to help students find innovative learning opportunities outside those currently offered through WKU Study Away.

Jesse Hazel, a Bowling Green junior majoring in fine arts, received the award after submitting a proposal to attend the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts 2012 Summer Workshop. Hazel took the course “Playful Printmaking: The Etching Process,” which is not offered at WKU. His matched award funding was provided by the WKU Art Department.

Jerry Barnaby, Study Away director, said that while Study Away already enables students to earn WKU credit at locations throughout the United States, this opportunity award encourages students to look beyond course credit as a motivation to seek out their own innovative learning opportunities.

Barnaby said that the opportunity award also helps minimize the financial barriers that prevent many students from participating in programs like this. “In the past there has been a gap in financial support for students looking for non-traditional off-campus learning opportunity,” Barnaby said. “We wanted to encourage students to expand their learning opportunity and give back to the community, but we recognized the financial barriers students face.”

The program offered Hazel the opportunity to expand his knowledge and share with others what he learned. “This opportunity allowed me to combine etching techniques with my own exploration and research into Western and Eastern cultures, with imagery that draws upon the many philosophies and symbols in Chinese and Asian cultures,” Hazel said. His work is on display in the Music Rehearsal Hall on campus.

Barnaby said that this award requires more from students than just sharing what they learned. “Recipients must showcase the academic impact of the experience,” Barnaby said. “We encourage students to propose a project that has significant meaning to them.”

For information on the Study Away Opportunity award, contact Jerry Barnaby at or (270) 745-2231.

WKU Study Away is a unit of Extended Learning & Outreach.

(Source: WKU News, Dec 4, 2012)

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