“There has been paranormal activity reported in several buildings on WKU’s campus.”

This is from the below story that appeared this Monday in SurfKY News, and was re-printed in WKU’s ‘In the News’ section.

Ghost Hunters Episode Shot at Western Kentucky University to Premiere

BOWLING GREEN, KY (11/12/12) – The crew for the television series “Ghost Hunters” shot an episode of their show on Western Kentucky University’s campus this summer.

“They come out to help and investigate in places where people have reported or have concerns about ghost activity or paranormal activity,” Tamela Smith, manager of Interactive Video Services, said.

The episode will premiere on Wednesday, November 21 at 8:00 p.m. CST on the Syfy channel. Smith said that if a viewer does not have Syfy, the episode should be online afterwards.

There has been paranormal activity reported in several buildings on WKU’s campus. Ghost Hunters investigated Van Meter Hall, Potter Hall and Schneider Hall.

Smith is involved in ghost hunting herself and had the opportunity to help the Ghost Hunters when they were at WKU. She is the one that greeted them when they arrived on campus and is the person that the reveal was shown to after the investigation. She will be featured in the episode in those parts, though she can’t reveal anything before the episode premieres. Smith was not involved in the actual investigations in the buildings.

Smith said they were hoping to have a showing of the episode on campus, but because it airs during Thanksgiving break, they will not be able to, though she said there is a possibility of a screening at a later date.

Aaron Frasier
SurfKY News

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