Essential Cinema presents The Conformist (Bertolucci 1970)

This week the Essential Cinema Screening Series presents Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist (1970).

“Bernardo Bertolucci’s visually electrifying masterpiece tells the story of 30-year-old Italian Marcello (Jean-Louis Trintignant), who’s targeted by a Fascist espionage organization to lead a deadly mission in France. On his journey, Marcello, with his naive wife Giula (Stefania Sandrelli), will see his troubled past and current moral dilemma violently collide. Bertolucci’s masterful direction and his Oscar nominated screenplay are complemented by Vittorio Storaro’s stunning cinematography.” (from the DVD)

Come see a classic of Italian cinema and the film that helped place Bertolucci among the greats of international cinema.

Thursday at 7 PM in Mass Media Auditiorium.

(Source: Email from Travis Newton, Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Broadcasting, Nov 13, 2012)

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