Jumah Cola Time to Drink premiers tonight at 8pm in Van Meter!

  • Digital image poster by artist Dalton Rowe (WKU’12)
  • Updates on Facebook
  • The performance features Honors student Sarah Brazier
  • Please note: The performance contains strong language & violent subject matter

A scene from the rehearsal

The current project is Sena’s CE/T project and is being funded in part by a generous Faculty Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE) Grant.


The Corporate Surrealists of America, under the direction of Honors student Joel Sena, present JUMAH COLA TIME TO DRINK, an original play by the director.

The Corporate Surrealists of America is a group of artists from many disciplines and corners of the playground that have come together to create original, aesthetically radical performances free of institutional guidance.

The piece is a shocking, fierce poetic drama that draws from the writings of Rudyard Kipling and unpublished Iraq War memoirs. It cuts unflinchingly to the magmatic core of a nation’s expanding military, moral, and economic boot set firmly in the puddle of the world–its dwindling water supply.

Jumah, an angry, self-hating, and abused Muslim-American soldier fighting in a fictional American occupation of India, looks to a mysterious activist in an American military prison for solace and guidance. The woman, fighting peacefully for the return of her country’s stolen water resources from the hands of war-mongering cola barons and vampiric neo-liberals, prophesies every single unpleasant detail of Jumah’s imminent death. The Prometheus story reverses. Jumah’s final act on earth, a gift of water to the fellow soldier who will end up his murderer, proves to be the secret, quiet gesture of beauty, courage, and sacrifice that is always at hand in a world brutal, odious, and ablaze.

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